Maturing Cyber Threat Intelligence

It is our goal to help your organisation defend against cyber threats. We believe that the risks from cyber threats to your organisation can be reduced by transitioning to dynamic threat based strategies. Successfull strategies are created by using actionable threat information specific to your organisation, known as cyber threat intelligence (CTI). Cyber threat intelligence provides decision support and situational awareness, which help build strategies to succesfully reduce cyber risks. To do this, the organisation needs to provide direction, knowledge, and engagement to CTI within the organisation. This dependency makes it paramount that CTI is integrated within your organisation.

Cyber Threat Intelligence within organisations.
Cyber Threat Intelligence within organisations

CTI maturity model

Organisations will encounter challenges when starting to produce, consume CTI, and integrating CTI within their organisation. It is our experience that organisations feel uncertain about their CTI posture, where to make investments next, and to get the best return on their investment growing CTI. There are no best practices available, and unfortunately also no clear guidelines organisations can follow. Contributing to help organisation meet these challenges head on, we at the ‘Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab‘ have developed a new, fundamental CTI maturity model; CTIM. See also our whitepaper. The maturity model allows you to obtain insights into your CTI posture, and remove uncertainties. The obtained results allow you to focus on the main improvements required, and thus succesfully grow CTI. Over time these insights are invaluable to strengthen cyber security within your organisation, and enable measurement of your development path.

CTIM: A novel CTI maturity model.
CTIM: A novel cyber threat intelligence maturity model.

CTIM provides a model for determining CTI maturity within organisations. The model itself, however, does not provide a simply way which can be used to score your organisation. Using the decomposition underlying the maturity model, we have build a platform which will help you determine your maturity score. After going through the assessment the platform will provide you with a maturity rating and automatically generated report decomposing your position. You can score your own organisation through the button below to enter the assessment platform.

For those that previously applied the assessment and recored their personal identification number, you can locate your results here.