We currently teach the following courses, all available to the Cyber Security Program as well as the MSc programs in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Embedded Systems:

  • ET4397IN Network Security (Q3)

    ET4397IN covers the theory and practice of network systems and security protocols. The course discusses vulnerabilities, countermeasures and secure design principles at the physical, link, network, transport and application layer of networking systems.

  • CS4155 Advanced Network Security (Q3)

    CS4155 provides you with an in-depth view on strategies of communication and network security. We will analyze vulnerabilities in detail, implement detection and defense tools, and setup security experiments in our hardware lab. Advanced Network Security follows the setup of Network Security along all the layers of the network stack.

  • IN4253ET Applied Security Analysis (Q3)

    In this project course, you will conduct a security analysis of a commercial product in group work. Recent examples covered in IN4253ET were VoIP trunks, remote key access solutions, or mobile telephony systems.