We currently teach the following courses at HPI:

  • Netzwerksicherheit (Sommersemester)

    Network Security covers the theory and practice of network systems and security protocols. The course discusses vulnerabilities, countermeasures and secure design principles at the physical, link, network, transport and application layer of networking systems.

  • Cyber Security Management (Wintersemester)

    Cyber Security Management discusses how to design and develop a cyber security program. The course covers how to do a risk analysis, frameworks for risk management and compliance, how to select appropriate controls and architecture to safeguard an organization. We cover how to realize a good secure awareness program, assess the state of security, and evaluate the state of security using cyber threat intelligence, bug bounty and penetration testing programs. Finally, you will learn how to perform vulnerability management and incident response in an organization, as well as establish a business continuity program.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (Sommersemester)

    In order to build up an effective cyber defense, an organization needs to have deep insights into the cyber threat landscape and the adversaries that are potentially targeting it. This course covers the theory and practice of cyber threat intelligence (CTI), the discipline to collect and analyze data about adversaries and turn it into actionable decision making.