Meet the Team

Philipp RettigPhD Student
Watson HuPhD Student
Andy ChiuMSc Thesis studentCorrelation of massively distributed scanners
Elias MaassMSc Thesis studentThreat Detection in Industrial Control Sysstems
Jonas BueckerMSc Thesis studentSecurity Awareness in Hospital Environments
Kai-Oliver KohlenMSc Thesis studentCampaign-based Cyber Threat Intelligence

Interested in joining? Stop by Christian's office to have a chat about open thesis opportunities. There are projects for students with computer science, electrical engineering and computer engineering backgrounds.

Former members

Abbas JhabuawalaMSc Thesis studentVulnerability analysis of IoT protocols
Ahmet GudekMSc Thesis studentIndustrial Control System honeypots
Alex van RijsMSc Thesis studentVerification of embedded systems backdoors through side-channel analysis
Anant SemwalMSc Thesis studentPlacement optimization of network security monitors
Bart de JongeMSc Thesis studentAdversarial technique recognitiion
Christian VeenmanMSc Thesis studentImproving BGP hijack detection through RIRs
Federico FalconieriMSc Thesis studentAutomatic campaign extraction and kill chain analysis
Frits KasteleinMSc Thesis studentSimulation and impact prediction of BGP hijacking events
Henrique DantasMSc Thesis studentAutomatic vulnerability fuzzing in smart meters
Hugo BijmansMSc Thesis studentCampaign analysis of malicious website content
Jasper AbbinkMSc Thesis studentAlgorithms for detection unknown DGA
Lisa GeddamMSc Thesis studentTopological mapping of Tor hidden service communities
Michael AnastasakisMSc Thesis studentUnsupervised learning of evolving network fingerprints for extrusion detection
Michael MolenkampMSc Thesis studentFPGA-based indicator mining at line speed
Parul GuptaMSc Thesis studentCache-based side-channel attacks of Android
Paul van der KnaapMSc Thesis studentTracking the evolution of DDoS attacks
Piotr TekieliMSc Thesis studentIntrusion detection and authentication in vehicular networks
Sharif JacobinoMSc Thesis studentQuality assessment of cyber threat intelligence feeds
Sille KamoenMSc Thesis studentPersistent, large scale IoT honeypots
Simone van VeenMSc Thesis studentAutomatic inference of local BGP attributes from routing tables and traceroutes
Thijs BrandsMSc Thesis studentDetection of fake webshops through campaign analysis
Tim BooijMSc Thesis studentDetection of zero-days and campaigns in terrabit-scale networks
Tristan WiefferingMSc Thesis studentAttack strategies on e-commerce platforms
Wilko MeijerMSc Thesis student