Harm Griffioen

PhD Candidate
Worker bee at Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab

I am passionate about helping people that are facing the threats of the internet everyday. These are not only companies, but also individuals. This is why I have started a PhD under supervision of Dr. Christian Doerr, whose interests align with my own. During my PhD, I will be working on assisted discovery algorithms for adversarial behavior.

Next to the research that I will be doing in the PhD, I will also be involved in the teaching of different courses. Not only courses in the area of cyber security, but also in the area of artificial intelligence. Given the higher load on teaching than is expected from a normal PhD position, the time allocated for this PhD is not 4, but 6 years.

Education and positions
  • 2018-PresentPhD student

    Cyber Security Group,
    Delft University of Technology,
    the Netherlands

  • 2016-2018MsC student

    Master of science in the area of computer science, specifically cyber security.
    Delft University of Technology,
    the Netherlands